America’s 2024 Diversity Visa Lottery - DV-2026

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Welcome to the United States Diversity Visa Lottery, also known as the Green Card Lottery. This year’s Diversity Visa Lottery is called the DV-2026 lottery and is open for applicants until November 7, 2024. The Diversity Visa Lottery is a US congressionally mandated immigration program that grants 55,000 people from all over the world a green card each year. The 55,000 people are chosen from the applicants that applied in the DV-lottery. The 55,000 DV-Lottery winners are drawn in a random computer draw from the pool of eligible candidates that applied. Around 40% of all applicants that apply each year are disqualified due to errors in their application including but not limited to photos errors, sizing issues and double submissions. It is VERY important to get your DV-Lottery application correct or you will not be considered in the draw. The US Government applies sophisticated software to find and disqualify applicants that do not comply with the rules.

A Green Card is a permanent resident card that allows a person to live, work or study in the United States of America for 10 years. Before a Green Card expires the green card holder can either apply for a green card extension that would grant another 10 years of residency or the green card holder can apply for a US citizenship. There are only two differences between a green card holder rights and a US citizen’s rights. The US citizen is allowed to vote in Federal elections and also run for federal office while the green card holder is not. If you would like to move to the United States of America, the DV-Lottery, also knows as the green card lottery, is a very affordable and fast way to legally gain entry into the United States compared to any other American visa.

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Our DV-Lottery immigration experts will review your application and crop and resize your photos to meet the strict requirements and inform you if you need to update any of your data or submit new photos.

The Diversity Visa Lottery process:

  • Check if you qualify
  • You will be entered into the DV-2026 lottery and receive your DV-2026 Confirmation Number
  • The deadline to participate in this year’s DV-Lottery is November 7, 2024, i.e. you must apply before this date.
  • The DV-2026 Lottery draw will take place in March 2025
  • The DV-2026 Lottery results will be made public on May 4, 2025, at which time you can check if you were selected
  • DV-2026 Winners must complete and submit their green card immigration forms DS-260
  • DV-2026 Winners must attend a green card interview between September and November 2025 at a US Embassy or US Consulate in the country where they live today.
  • Successful DV-2026 applicants will receive their green card and may enter the United States of America starting January 2026, thus the name DV-2026.

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Diversity Visa Lottery History

The US Department of State conducts the Diversity Visa Lottery each year. The Diversity Visa Lottery is based on Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). This law makes 50,000 visas available to applicants yearly. These diversity visa immigrants must be born in countries with low immigration rates to the United States of America. This year, the US Government will give 50,000 green cards to successful applicants, also know as permanent resident cards.

DV-Lottery Test

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Please take the green card eligibility test and pass it, to ensure you qualify for this years Diversity Visa Lottery. If you qualify for this years Diversity Visa Lottery, register and enter the DV2026 Diversity Visa Lottery today.